Unpaid Work Experience Insurance Information

Gaining workplace experience is important for students, allowing them to make industry connections and develop their work-related technical and transferable skills.

Insurance coverage is available for Co-Curricular (outside the curriculum - not for credit) unpaid work experience. Students undertaking an unpaid placement are covered by Curtin University’s Personal Accident insurance policy.

Other important criteria for placement eligibility:

  • Student must be currently enrolled at Curtin University for the duration of the placement
  • Placements are limited to a total of 112.5 hours in length
  • Supervision must be supplied by a staff member of the host organisation
  • The placement must be undertaken at the host organisation's premises and cannot be undertaken online or remotely
  • All placements must be unpaid

Please take time to read through the Fair Work Ombudsman Information


Students are encouraged to either search for unpaid work experience via UniHub or contact a company directly to register their interest in undertaking a placement.

Once the student has completed their pre-placement professional development module and has applied for insurance coverage, you will receive an email with the following information; 

1Guidelines for Host Organisations for unpaid work experience

2. Two forms to be completed

  • Curtin Careers & Employment Fieldwork Agreement (once submitted is valid for two years) 
  • The Co-curricular Placement information form with the details of the placement.

The Fieldwork Agreement is an agreement between the Host Organisation and Curtin University's agent - Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership. The submission of this agreement works to ensuring the rights and responsibilities of all parties.

These forms, along with the details of the placement are stored on UniHub, where the information can be easily retrieved by Curtin staff in case of any issues during the placement.

Once you have submitted the required forms, you will receive a confirmation email with Curtin’s Certificates of Currency for Insurance coverage for the student.

If you would like further information regarding our procedures, please do not hesitate to contact the Employer Engagement Team on 08 9266 7802 or email employerengagement@curtin.edu.au