Targeted Email Out To Students

By organising an email out to students, you get to put your organisation's promotional materials straight into the hands of students you are targeting! You are able to specify recipients by discipline, citizenship and year of study.

 Cost details can be found below. 

  •  $95 Student Search Fee PLUS $1.50 per student contacted

Emails will be sent formatted to a standard Curtin University template, and we recommend a maximum of about 400 words.  If you wish to include an image (eg. company logo) please send us this as a jpg, png or eps file. This will further enhance your email.

Submit a Request for an Email Out

After submission the Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership will run a detailed search and provide you with an initial free quote for completion of the requested Email Out.  If satisfied you can then decide whether you wish to proceed or amend your search accordingly.

Please allow up to 5 working days to process your request.

How Can I Format my Email Out? (click for details)