Terms & Conditions

Advertising on UniHub:

  1. Curtin University’s UniHub is a self-service online system used by Curtin Student Development to advertise employment opportunities and events to students, graduates and staff of Curtin University.
  2. Curtin Student Development reserves the right to accept, alter or reject registrations, vacancies and event advertisements received in UniHub.
  3. Curtin Student Development reserves the right to refuse any person or organisation use of this service.

Curtin Student Development requires all advertisers to provide the following information:

  1. The name of the organisation and their ABN number where applicable (except in the case of an individual advertising work for a private household).
  2. The name of a contact person.
  3. The address and phone number of the organisation, individual or contact person.
  4. A detailed description of the nature of work being offered.
  5. An appropriate rate of pay, or reference to a relevant award or job classification (part-time, casual and contract advertisements only).


  1. There is no charge for advertising employment positions on UniHub.
  2. Prices set on UniHub for additional services offered by the Curtin Student Development (e.g. careers fairs, or web advertising) are specified on this page - Curtin UniHub - Promotional Opportunities. Prices may vary without notice.
  3. All prices listed on UniHub include GST unless specifically noted otherwise.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Advertisers/Employers/Organisations to ensure that all information they provide in their advertisement does not breach any law or the rights of any person (including legislation regarding Fair Trading, Equal Opportunity and Human Rights and the Fair Work Act).
  2. The Advertiser/Employer/Organisation indemnifies Curtin University against all claims, actions, suits, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred on any account by UniHub as a result of listing or intended listing of any advertisement by that advertiser/Employer/ Organisation on any related site.
  3. Curtin University cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that files available for downloading through the site or delivered via electronic mail through the site will be free of infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other codes that manifest contaminating or destructive properties. Advertisers are responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and checkpoints to satisfy their particular requirements for accuracy of data input and output, and for maintaining a means external to the site for the reconstruction of any lost data.
  4. Curtin Student Development makes every effort to avoid errors in advertisements on UniHub. However, we accept no responsibility or liability for any errors and require that advertisers check their advertisements for facts as soon as they are placed on the site(s). Any necessary amendments can be requested immediately.
  5. Curtin Student Development reserves the right to either reject or remove any advertisements from its site(s) for any reason whatsoever.
  6. Curtin Student Development makes every effort to publish advertisements in the shortest possible time. Advertisements requiring publication on Fridays should be received before 3pm (WST) on Friday at the latest.
  7. Curtin Student Development is not liable for any loss or damage incurred by an advertiser as a result of any failure or delay in listing an advertisement.
  8. You agree at all times to deal with any information or products provided by Curtin University in a manner which abides by all applicable laws of Australia, or of any other relevant jurisdiction (including, without limitation, privacy and copyright laws).
  9. Advertisers should only place job ads for positions for which they have permission to recruit.
  10. You agree to keep Curtin University fully indemnified against any actual or contingent liabilities incurred in relation to any actions or claims brought by any person against Curtin University as a result of an actual or alleged breach by you of any law, or such other actions or claims brought in relation to the provision of services by UniHub to you.
  11. This agreement is governed by the laws of Western Australia. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Western Australia, and waive any objection to legal action being brought in those Courts on the grounds of venue or inconvenient forum.

Voluntary Work: Voluntary positions are only accepted from not-for-profit organisations

  1. The volunteer organisation must have an ABN registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission OR supply and email the non-profit clauses of the organisation's constitution to recruitcurtin@curtin.edu.au
  2. Students must be fully supervised during their volunteer placements and located at the organisations premises. If working off site, the student must be accompanied at all times by a paid employee of the organisation. Remote or 'work from home' volunteering roles are deemed not suitable for students as they cannot be adequately supervised nor will they be covered for insurance. Student will be unable to claim such placements for the Curtin Extra Award. 
  3. Copies of Certificates of Currency must be provided as a condition of advertising volunteer roles on UniHub. These can be sent to recruitcurtin@curtin.edu.au These should include, 
    1. Personal Accident - Voluntary Workers
    2. Public Liability or General and Products Liability. 

Special conditions for recruitment agencies and other third party recruiters:

  1. All third party providers wishing to advertise their opportunities through Curtin, must be registered as an 'approved provider'. To be considered as an approved provider, please fill in the enclosed application form (171009-3rd-party-provider-app-form-lso1.docx) and submit the required supporting documentation to the Recruit Curtin Team.  Your application will be sent to the relevant team who will review and contact you regarding the outcome. Once approved, you will be able to continue to post your opportunities to our students and alumni.
  2. Recruitment agencies and third party recruiters must provide the name of the client organisation to Curtin Student Development, when requested to do so.
  3. Recruiters may only advertise unpaid work experience opportunities that are available within their own organisation and not on behalf of other companies. Such opportunities must comply with the Fair Work Act
  4. Curtin Student Development will not disclose the name of the client organisation, nor contact the client organisation to anyone unless required to do so by law.
  5. Only genuine job vacancies are to be submitted.  Advertisements that do not offer a genuine, specific employment opportunity or those that require applicants to register with an organisation for possible opportunities will not be approved.
  6. Third party provided ‘Voluntourism’ and internship opportunities and programs (both domestic and overseas) provided at cost to the applicant must FULLY disclose any fees involved within the job advertisement.

Types of acceptable advertisements for employment include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Part-time, casual, contract or full time employment
  2. Volunteer opportunities (for registered not-for-profit or charitable organisations)
  3. Fair Work Act compliant unpaid work experience/work placement/internship opportunities – refer to unpaid work experience opportunities section
  4. Graduate recruitment and vacation program employment
  5. International employment vacancies
  6. Employment scholarships and cadetships

Unpaid work experience opportunities

  1. Unpaid work experience opportunities advertised on UniHub need to comply with the Fair Work Act. Advertisements need to abide by these terms to be approved online:
    1. Placements are limited to a total of 112.5 hours in length
    2. Supervision must be supplied by a staff member of the host organisation at all time
    3. The placement must be undertaken at the host organisation's premises and cannot be undertaken online or remotely
    4. All placements must be unpaid
    5. Students on placements need to be mostly work shadowing and cannot produce any output that will be considered as a duty performed by an employee as they should then get remuneration for the contribution they are making.
  2. Curtin Student Development will provide free insurance to successfully enrolled Curtin students who secure placements provided that the students submit their request form on time and complete the online pre-requisite module prior to start of placement.
  3. Curtin University and its employees will not be held responsible or accountable for actions and agreements arising between your organisation and students from these placements.
  4. Submitted opportunities that we believe are exploitative of our students and graduates, or which breach the terms of the Fair Work Act will be rejected from the system.
  5. Should Curtin University become aware of any unlawful actions between parties, Curtin Student Development reserves the right to reject future advertisements and deny access to the system from your organisation.

Independent Contracting:

  1. Independent contractor and other self-employment opportunities will be considered if the position closely aligns with a Curtin University study discipline. 
  2. Advertisements MUST specify that the role is as an independent contractor and also note any requirement for the applicant to possess an Australian Business Number (ABN) or equivalent. 
  3. Approved advertisements should include a statement or web link to inform potential applicants of self-employment responsibilities and costs. A recommended site is  ATO - Working as a contractor

Voluntourism and 'Paid for' Internships:

  1. Third party provided ‘Voluntourism’ and internship opportunities and programs (both domestic and overseas) provided at cost to the applicant must FULLY disclose any fees involved within the job advertisement.  
  2. Approved advertisements will include a statement or web link added by UniHub administrators alerting potential applicants to their nature and associated responsibilities.

Curtin Student Development will not advertise the following unacceptable positions:

  1. Positions paid by commission only
  2. Positions offering payment by "piece rates" i.e. where payment is per product produced, per delivery, per sale made, etc.
  3. Positions where payment is by profit share
  4. Positions that offer less than award wages
  5. Positions where the payment offered is 'cash' or 'cash in hand'
  6. A role in a tobacco company or related industry
  7. Positions that do not offer a genuine employment opportunity or those that require applicants to register with an organisation or website for possible opportunities
  8. Business opportunities and franchise ownership opportunities
  9. Pyramid schemes
  10. Work involving any unpaid training/trial periods, or reduced pay for training/trial periods, except where a federal or state award makes allowances for such arrangements
  11. Work involving any illegal activity
  12. Any work which requires the employee to purchase a product or service, or requires an application fee, registration fee, security deposit or similar as a condition of employment (with the exception of voluntourism and paid overseas internship programs, for which all costs to participants must be disclosed upfront)
  13. Unpaid Internships or work experience that does not comply with terms stated in the unpaid work experience opportunities section – this excludes voluntary work in a registered not-for-profit organisation, work that is a component of a formal academic program, or work shadowing or experience that falls within the guidelines of the Fair Work Act.  Overseas unpaid internships will be considered providing their nature is declared upfront.
  14. International opportunities that breach legislation of the host country. E.g. Minimum Wages etc.


  1. Curtin University will be under no liability to users and recruiters in respect of any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of services supplied by Curtin Student Development.
  2. Advertisers agree to indemnify Curtin University and its staff against all claims, actions, suits, costs and expenses incurred on any account by Curtin Student Development as a result of their advertisement.
  3. Curtin University does not necessarily recommend or endorse any organisations or service providers featured on Curtin Student Development websites.