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Pamoja international voluntary services (P.I.V.S) is a non-profit, without any political or religious affiliation a registered non governmental organization , based in Nairobi Kenya. Our objective is to organize International work camps, Internship and medium term volunteer program, where both local and international volunteers offer their services for free, in collaboration with community groups or institutions in need of voluntary labour or service to empower community self-help initiatives.

See pivskenya.org/internship-program

Human Rights Internship

We give students exposure to as many fields as possible in the human rights sphere such as post elections violence, gender based violence, governance, corruption, international co-operation and development, democracy, rule of law, legal, administration of justice, conflict resolution among others.

Students attain practical exposure and integrating theoretical knowledge.
Students work with professionals from various backgrounds, and are assigned duties and responsibilities.


  • International co-operation and development,
  • Law/Legal,
  • Political science and
  • Finance/Economics students are preferred

Compensation unpaid

Hours per week 40 Monday - Friday

Degree preferably

Class Level:

  • First year
  • Sophomore
  • Junior

Desired majors:

  • International Relations
  • School of Law LL.M
  • Political Science B.A
  • Economics/Finance B.A
  • International Development studies B.A

Duration 2 weeks - 6 months

Apply to:

Limkin Kinani:
- info@pivskenya.org
- limkin@pivskenya.org
- +1-608-379-0078

- Resume
- Motivation or letter of intent


Medical Internship

We give students exposure to as many clinical fields as possible – clinical medicine,
obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, emergency medicine and critical care, general and orthopedic surgery, E.N.T, ophthalmology and radiology.

Students are taken in rotations that help you attain real life exposure and integrating theoretical knowledge.

You will observe the supervising doctors and consultants to enable you draw and understanding of diverse aspects relating to care of patients such as relevant history taking in various body systems, physical examination, relevant laboratory investigations and their interpretation, arriving at pertinent diagnosis and appropriate treatment measures.
Various procedures in the clinical medicine and pediatric rotations may be viewed, including administrations of various injections, lumbar punctures, insertion of intravenous cannulae, nasogastric intubation, lymph node biopsies, etc. You may observe in various general and orthopedic surgeries.


Compensation: unpaid

Hours per week 40: Monday - Friday

Degree preferably

Class Level
First year

Desired majors
- Pre Med students
- School of Dentistry D.D.S
- School of Nursing B.S
- Science/Psychology
- Cognitive Science B.S
- Physiological Science B.S
- Microbiology,Immunology, Molecular genetics B.S

Duration 2 weeks - 6 months

Apply to:

Kelvin Fundi

Motivation or letter of intent