Fasten your seatbelt.

Your KICC adventure awaits.

KPMG’s International Case Competition (KICC) is a chance to experience the fast-paced world of casework, meet new people and travel to places you may never have been before.

If you get to the top of our national case competition, you'll find yourself on your way to Dubai on an all-expenses-paid trip to the international final. There, you’ll have the chance to network with your peers from around the world as you compete for the global title.

KICC gives you and three teammates the chance to work on tough business problems. You'll be given 3 hours to solve a challenge that mirrors the sort of work our teams do here at KPMG.

It will test your ability to work with real problems and come up with interesting solutions. It’s also a unique platform to showcase agile thinking and prove you’re ready to embark on a successful career.

The 2015 competition is set to be the best yet, as we are very proud to partner with the Emirates Group.

Eligibility criteria

All team members must be current university students (undergraduate or postgraduate). You don’t need to be studying a particular subject to take part, but you do need:

  • an interest in business
  • strong leadership and task management skills
  • composure under pressure
  • the ability to absorb a range of information quickly, think through ideas and present solutions
  • all team members to be able to attend both days of the competition in February (if selected for the state heats)
  • Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or hold Australian Permanent Residency.

Most of all, you must be prepared to challenge your own thinking and to encourage others to be their best. It takes flexibility and teamwork to come up with business solutions that are truly innovative and refreshing.

How it works

The challenge we’ll give you will be based on a realistic business scenario. We’ll give each team a detailed case study to consider, analyse and prepare a presentation that will impress the judges.

You’ll present your ideas to a panel of KPMG professionals, who will listen to your presentation in the way they would listen to a presentation from colleagues; and they’ll expect you to deliver at that level, too. You'll need to be ready to answer some challenging questions.

Do well, advance through the next round of the competition and you could make it to Dubai!

How to apply

A team of four students must submit one application form. You will need to have contact and university details ready for all team members.

Your team will also need to answer these questions:

  • Why have you applied to participate in KICC?
  • What skills does each team member bring to KICC?
  • What does the KPMG difference of 'Go Beyond' mean to your team?

Remember, competition is going to be stiff so think carefully about your team’s responses!

What happens next?

If your team's application is successful, you'll be invited to one of our state heats in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The state heats will take place over 2 daysin February. Day one will be devoted to training on how KPMG goes about business case analysis. On day two, your team will be given a realistic business scenario to analyse and prepare a presentation for the judges. If selected for the state heats, your entire team will be required to attend both days.

Winning teams from each heat will then be selected to participate in our national final.

Key dates

Applications open1 September 2014
Applications close31 October 2014, 5:00pm
State heats Brisbane 5-6 February 2015Melbourne 11-12 February 2015Perth 11-12 February 2015

Sydney 11-12 February 2015

National final20 February 2015
KICC 201513-16 April 2015

Check out our Global website for more information, including frequently asked questions.